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Liezl Bitas was a beloved Berridge alumni, teacher, filmmaker and friend. She graced our lives with her boundless energy, ready laughter, sharp wit and deep compassion. She greeted everyday with huge smiles and excitement to make art.


The Liezl Bitas Film Scholarship is a full scholarship offered each summer to a young Filmmaker who embodies Liz's kind spirit, generous nature and passion for the craft of Filmmaking.


To find out how you can be considered for this special scholarship, please email Andrea Mardon, Director, at


Liz, a talented writer, director, and filmmaker, started her filmmaking journey at Berridge in 2016. After graduating from the Film School at Cal State Northridge, she joined the Berridge Film faculty in the summers of 2019 and 2020. Her final thesis project, "Kites," received recognition, winning Best Screenplay and Best Narrative at the CSU Media Arts Festival. Liz was also a skilled writer and actor, often sharing personal pieces on the Berridge stage. 

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"Berridge was more than a summer program, it was the start of my artistic life. I just got into the college of my dreams and I owe it all to the confidence and skills I learned at Berridge."

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