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Berridge alum Celia Rose Gooding Celebrates Grammy Win and Tony Nomination

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Berridge alum Celia Rose Gooding signing autographs outside Broadway theatre

Celia Rose Gooding, alumni of Berridge Programs, has won a Grammy award and received a Tony Nomination for her role as Frankie Healy in Jagged Little Pill.

Celia attended the summer acting program at Berridge in 2016 and 2017, studying Shakespeare, On Camera, Movement and Scene Study with professional actors Duane Daniels and Greg Ainsworth among others. We recently caught up with Celia and she reflected how her summers at Berridge shaped her career: “I had a song in my heart and a dream in my mind. Berridge was one of, if not the most, impactful stepping stones in the bridge between that dream and reality. In my summers at Berridge, I learned not only how to be a more committed and thorough actor, but also a better community member and team player in the industry. I learned a level of self-acceptance, confidence, and love that allows me to be fearless on stage, and in front of a camera.”

Students performing shakespeare scene
Celia and fellow classmate Sarah Pansing performing their Shakespeare scene for the final showcase.

While on hiatus from Broadway due to the pandemic, Celia has kept busy. She has been in Toronto shooting Star Trek: Strange New Worlds for Paramount and will appear as a series regular on the show.

If I weren’t spending my summers working, I’d be at Berridge. Falling in love with this craft over and over again, just like I did my first very first summer there. If you’re considering spending a summer at Berridge, I implore you to take that leap. Know that you’re joining a family of like-minded, warm-hearted, individuals that want you to succeed.”

Congrats Celia! We are so proud of you!

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