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Gap year film student directing and shooting a film

Hone your craft and discover your unique artistic voice on our 4-week Summer Acting and Film Program for artistically ambitious high school students. 

Gap year studio art student painting a landscape

Immerse yourself in French art, history and culture on this 8-week creative journey starting in Paris and threading your way through the inspiring landscapes of Northern France. 

Gap year photography student capturing images in India

Elevate your creativity on our 7-week artistic adventure from South India to the Himalayas. Explore a diverse array of arts and crafts within one of the world's most vibrant cultures.

Gap year music student recording an original song

Ignite your artistry in a 9-week residency in scenic Normandy, France. Study Film, Acting, Studio Art or Music in this unique program blending creativity and personal growth.

Creativity, Culture, Connection.
Welcome to Berridge. 

Our mission is to cultivate profound connections between young artists and global cultures through the universal language of creativity. Our programs are designed to broaden global perspectives and enhance well-being through self-expression, empowering young artists to contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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