The Technical Theatre Program at Berridge offers a unique opportunity for students to live in an 18th century French chateau with young artists from around the world and develop technical theatre skills outside the traditional theatre space.


The program offers an opportunity to develop creative thinking and teamwork in order to support the performances of the Acting Program which are done in a variety of settings including outdoors, in and around the chateau and in our 300-year-old-barn converted into a theatre each summer. The program will offer creative, hands-on experience in all aspects of technical theatre including lighting, set, wardrobe, props and stage management.  Students will have the opportunity to crew on our Film Program, learning lighting, sound and camera operation.


Technical Theatre students can choose to take electives with the acting and film students which are offered Mon-Thurs from 3.30-5.30pm. We offer electives in Writing, Directing, Film Editing, French cooking, Photography, Musical Theatre, Improvisation and more. Read full elective descriptions.


Tech students participate on all full day excursions and trips. Read about excursions


The Technical Theatre Program aims to create confident, courageous technicians who are ready to tackle design and execution challenges in any performance environment.

The program also aims to:

-offer a unique opportunity to live and work outside the traditional theatre space in a beautiful overseas location

-offer dynamic, experiential learning informed by our rich cultural and historical surroundings

-provide a unique, challenging experience that stands out in the college admissions process

-provide a fun, safe, nurturing environment that develops the talents of each individual student

WEEK 1 - Design Week

We present six acting showcases in the course of the program, all of which have unique design and technical challenges. Showcases involve classical, contemporary and experimental material and take place in a variety of locations. The technical needs of each showcase will be assessed and students can choose which aspect of each showcase they would like to design and execute. Students can focus on strengths and areas of interest or learn new skills.

WEEK 2 - Film Week

Tech students are invited to work hands-on with lighting and sound during production week on our Film Program. There will be opportunity to learn cinematography and camera work if students are interested. Students will continue to progress their showcase design and execution in preparation for Showcase


WEEK 3 - Showcase Week

Tech students will execute and run every aspect of Showcase Week including tech rehearsals, stage management, lighting and backstage work.  A pop-up costume and properties shop will be established on site. Wardrobe and prop needs for the showcases will be assessed and items needed will be sourced or created from scratch.  Work will be photographed for college admissions design portfolio

WEEK 4 - Final Showcase/Tear-down Week

Final Showcase takes place on Tuesday of week 4 and is presented to an invited audience. Tech students will run every aspect of the Final Showcase as well as organize the tear down of the theatre, wardrobe and properties shop.

There is a great deal of flexibility within the Tech Program for students to work broadly in every design discipline or to focus specific disciplines. 

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