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Narativ Listening and Storytelling Workshop with Dan Milne and Jane Nash

Everybody has a story. What's yours? Learn to communicate any idea or experience effectively through the art of personal storytelling. The Narativ Technique centres around 6 principles that touch on both the art and science of storytelling and guide you in crafting stories that are impactful, articulate and distinct. These skills translate into personal statements and interview situations but, more importantly, have the capacity to surprise and enlighten you, providing a rich seam of material to draw on for your own creative practice.  www.narativ.uk


4 session short course to run April 21st, 23rd, 28th and 30th at 12pm EST, 5pm GMT


Pay what you can

Mastering the Self-Tape Audition with Greg Ainsworth

Finding yourself needing to self-tape in this new virtual world?  In the life of a professional actor, the self-tape audition is how it’s done! Live from Los Angeles, actor Greg Ainsworth will walk you through all of the ins and outs of the self-tape using how-to guides from casting agents and his professional experience. Greg gives you tips and tricks to bring out your very best auditions. Come with your questions, concerns, sides, or songs and let's play!

An incredible opportunity to discuss the techniques and training of theatre legend Jacques Lecoq with Cecily Nash who is currently training at École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Cecily will lead this free workshop live from her isolation in Paris, giving you a taste of Lecoq’s work. The workshop will explore the possibilites of the body and the potential for movement as a vehicle for storytelling and expression.

The Possibilities of the Body:  Exploring Lecoq with Cecily Nash

On-Camera Acting with Duane Daniels

Led by veteran theatre, film and TV actor Duane Daniels (Veronica Mars, Tremors, Kate Brasher) this course will help you craft confident, dynamic and truthful performances for the camera. Simulating the professional audition environment, students will be given scripts in advance and asked to prepare a performance to be shared with the group. Duane will provide individual feedback, share tips, teach technique and the whole group will benefit from watching the performances of others.

Historical evidence shows that Shakespeare’s actors never rehearsed. They were given only their own parts: cue scripts that consist of their character’s lines, and the two or three words that cue each line.  Simon will use this original practice performance technique to unlock the language in Shakespeare’s plays. By looking for the detailed clues for actors hidden in the text, you will gain insight into character and motivation, bringing speeches to life and truly engaging with the words.

"Cue-Script” Shakespeare with Simon Purse


One-hour Workshop

Tuesday April 21st 3pm EST

Pay what you can

4 session short course to run April 20th, 22nd, 24th and 27th at 11pm EST, 4pm GMT


Pay what you can

Starting May 2nd

Saturdays 4pm EST, 7pm UK

First session is FREE and then $20/session


Starting May 2nd

Saturdays 2pm EST, 5pm UK

First session is FREE and then $20/session


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