Welcome to Berridge Programs.

For twelve wonderful summers we have brought young artists and industry professionals together to study acting and filmmaking in the extraordinary setting of an 18th century French Chateau. In a remote corner of Normandy, Chateau le Mont Epinguet provides the backdrop for something I believe to be essential in a young person’s life: the opportunity to experience a community that lives and creates together in an atmosphere infused with possibility and acceptance.

Confidence and joy.

The Berridge faculty bring with them decades of experience in stage, television and film, as well as something very important learned along the way: that the secret to a rich, fulfilling life as an artist lies in being confident in your own skin and finding joy in everything you do.


These two things lie at the heart of Berridge. Confidence and joy. We give our students the experience of being seen and heard and empower them to go forward into the world with a deeper understanding of themselves and their unique gifts. 


I'm thrilled to be able carry the heart of Berridge into a new virtual space.  I am excited about the opportunities to offer classes and workshops that wouldn't be possible in France, and that we can reach a wider group of students than ever before.  


Then there will be the exciting challenge of making things together when we are not physically together. Successful artists are master problem solvers. How do I approach this unfamiliar character? How do I get that tricky shot? Art-making is problem solving, and this brave, new online world offers an amazing playground to experiment together, push boundaries, and make something entirely new. 

That is what artists do. That is what art is for. It’s why art matters, and why it will continue to matter, perhaps now more than ever. 


Join us this summer.


I can’t wait to see what we can make together. 

Andrea Mardon

Program Director

Berridge Programs