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Gap @The Chateau


Chateau le Mont Epinguet

Normandy, France

Discover the art of visual storytelling



Learn Independent Digital Filmmaking hands-on from start to finish on this 6-week Gap Year course led by industry professionals.


Boost your film portfolio, gain technical proficiency and build the confidence and skills needed to pursue filmmaking.  The program gives you a grounding in independent HDSLR Digital Filmmaking and is divided into the following units:

  • The Art of Visual Storytelling

  • Screenwriting Intensive

  • Elements of Filmmaking

  • Film Production Lab

  • Post-Production: Mastering Final Cut/Adobe Premiere

  • Producing and Promoting: Festivals and Beyond

Students will make an independent short film of 2-5 minutes plus a group project in commercial, documentary and/or music video will be completed. Students with previous experience in filmmaking can make a longer film or learn a new specialty such commercial video production. 

Learn hands-on from industry professionals


Filmmaking at Berridge focus on two things: great storytelling and getting films made.  Screenwriting intensives explore structure, theme, character, tension and conflict and how to translate these elements through the lens. Scripts, storyboards and shot lists are produced to outline the story and prepare for shooting.  Through hands-on instruction, students learn how camera movement, visual arrangement, and editing patterns not only depict the action but also express the underlying drama. We use the same cameras, sound and lighting equipment used by professional independent filmmakers worldwide to give you a good understanding of the indie filmmaking process and what you need to start making, and keep making, your own films. 


Live "on set" in an 18th century chateau



Since 2008, Berridge has been helping young filmmakers learn the art of Independent Digital Filmmaking while living inside the most incredible film set you can ever imagine! You’ll  learn the craft of filmmaking hands-on from experienced, industry professionals as you shoot on location around the chateau and in and around beautiful Normandy. The program offers the unique opportunity to experience Normandy “through the lens” and excursions will serve as both film shoots and sightseeing opportunities. From rustic fishing villages to towering cliffs, you’ll have the opportunity to experience it all as you work towards completing your personal film projects and crew on fellow filmmakers’ shoots.  Read more about the chateau on the Chateau le Mont Epinguet website.  


  • Write, direct and edit a complete short film with dialogue

  • Collaborate on a documentary, commercial or music video project

  • Put into practice the fundamentals of directing and visual storytelling

  • Cultivate the ability to pre-visualize, structure and write a screenplay

  • Gain proficiency with HDSLR cameras, prime lenses, three-point lighting, boom and wireless sound equipment and digital editing software

  • Explore the role of the producer and implement pre-production tasks

  • Gain experience working as a director, producer, assistant director, director of photography, gaffer, grip and sound mixer 

  • Understand and apply the fundamentals of lighting and sound design.

  • Master Final Cut digital editing software

  • Improve your ability to work independently and collaboratively in a high-pressure creative environment

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Extend this program

Stay on at the chateau an additional 6 weeks by joining our Creative Semester Program which runs concurrently with our Independent Digital Filmmaking course. Shoot an additional film project, join us for a week in Paris and take part in our arts festival.

Faculty on this program

Andrea Mardon

Andrea has been the Director of Berridge Programs since 2008. Previously, she was Executive Director of Oxbridge Programs and has led academic enrichment programs at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and in London, Paris and Barcelona. Andrea is a trained actor, costume designer, meditation teacher and acting coach. 

Brian Dwyer

Brian is an award-winning  filmmaker in Cork, Ireland.  He studied filmmaking at St John’s College and to date has worked on over 60 professional projects including the short films Tonic, Drift and An S Aileach which won Official Selection at the London Film Festival and Raindance Festival.  Brian runs his own production company Madra Mor.

Simon Purse

Simon is an actor, director and teacher based in London. He has a degree from University of Durham and attended Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. Simon has taught at Stanford University, Singapore Repertory Theatre, Oxford University, Loyola Marymount University, Drama Studio London and LAMDA.

Joe Boothe

Joe Boothe was staff writer for the hit TNT show The Librarians . He wrote the features Something Blue and Serpent's Bite and his comedy spec I Won’t be Home for Christmas recently sold to Universal Cable. He is currently co-writing the action/comedy feature Noble for eOne and just sold the feature The Lion in the Library to Level Forward. 

Ingrid Serban

Ingrid is an award winning filmmaker originally from Romania and now dividing her time between Ireland and Los Angeles. Her film Free Trip to Egypt was an Official Selection at festivals around the world and her next film, Strigoli - The Real Vampires of Transylvania is currently in production.

At a Glance



Sept 20th - Oct 31st, 2021

Jan 24th - March 6th, 2022

Duration: 6 weeks


$8700 USD not including airfare

Extend this program by joining Creative Semester(Winter 2022 dates only)


Open to any students between the ages of  18 - 25.  Requires an online application and supporting materials. 


We offer Financial Need Scholarships for up to 50% of the program tuition. 


Film (Screenwriting, Directing, Cinematography, Acting, Producing, Editing or any combination)