The Film Program

Tell your story.

Learn how to be a great visual storytelling this summer as we guide you in making your own short film from concept to premiere.

July 6th - 24th, 2020

The art of visual storytelling.

The program starts with a three-day intensive in the art of visual storytelling. Structure, theme, character, tension and conflict are explored and how to translate these elements through the lens.  Learn how camera movement, visual arrangement, and editing patterns not only depict the action but also express the underlying drama.


You'll meet one-to-one with your writing coach to guide you through developing your script. 


There are workshops in how to find the best light for your film both indoors and out.


You'll learn how to host a casting call and how to put actors at ease.


Learn how to capture the best sound and how to work with music and effects.


Your mentor will help you prepare shot lists to make sure your shoot goes smoothly.


You'll get one-to-one editing tutorials in Final Cut Pro with your mentor. 


Send your dailies to your mentor to get feedback on your film in progress.


Get advice on how to prepare press packages and enter your film into festivals.

How it works.

The program combines live group classes, workshops and one-to-one mentoring. You'll be assigned a filmmaking mentor to guide you from start to finish.

You'll use equipment you already have. From I-phones or I-Pads to digital cameras, Go Pros and starter drones, whatever you already have we can show you how to maximize it and make something incredible. You'll need a laptop with Final Cut Pro installed. Trial versions are available. 

In addition to your classes and one-to-one mentoring, you can take electives and workshops with students from other majors.


July 6th - 24th, 2020

Monday-Friday classes with optional activities on weekends.

Program cost: $1495

You get:

3-Day Art of Storytelling Intensive

3-Day Screenwriting Intensive 

6 Technical Workshops (Editing, Lighting, Sound)

Personal Mentor

1 Elective Class (8 sessions)

2 Introduction Classes (3 sessions)

Unlimited Access to Workshops

Unlimited Access to events

Unlimited Access to offline EXTRAS

Electives and

Intro Courses