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Chateau le Mont Epinguet

Normandy, France

Learn the art of visual storytelling.

Learn how to be a great visual storyteller this summer. The Film Program guides you in making your own professional quality short from concept to premiere. Make your film in a stunning, historical location as you learn your craft hands-on from industry professionals. 




The program starts with a three-day intensive in the art of visual storytelling. Structure, theme, character, tension and conflict are explored and how to translate these elements through the lens. Scripts, storyboards and shot lists are produced in preparation for shooting.  Through hands-on instruction, students learn how camera movement, visual arrangement, and editing patterns not only depict the action but also express the underlying drama. Each student will have a chance to learn the principal crew roles including Director, Camera Operator, Boom Operator, Sound Mixer and Gaffer.  Students edit their films in Apple Final Cut Pro, and the course culminates in a Film Premier for an invited audience.

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We don't just teach at Berridge, we empower our students with confidence in their unique gifts. Our faculty are all professional actors, directors, producers, writers, filmmakers, and choreographers who represent decades of experience in television, film and stage. Passion for creating is at the heart of what we do. This commitment to helping you succeed in your artistic life creates a supportive community like no other. Check out these videos of our teachers talking about their classes to get a sense of how we teach.

film program



At 8AM we serve up a hot breakfast including fresh pastries from our local bakery. Your morning might be spent polishing your script, making shot lists or crewing on a shoot. Lunch is from 12.30 and includes a variety of soups, sandwiches and salads. Afternoons might be spent directing your own shoot or working in the editing suite.  At 3.30, Film students can take Elective classes with the Acting students including Musical Theatre, Directing and Improvisation. Dinner is at 5.45 and offers a sit-down, three-course meal. After dinner there might be an activity such as yoga, a movie night or campfire, you might do additional work on your film or have some free time to  take a walk or hang out on the lawn with new friends.

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Film Program students complete a professional quality short suitable for entry into film festivals and college admissions portfolio. We can guide you through the business of marketing your film to festivals and each year we write many reference letters for college admissions.  Many Berridge Film students go on to be film majors and work professionally in the film industry.  To date we have shot dozens of films at Berridge, many of them winning awards at festivals around the world. Take a look at our films to get a sense of the quality of work produced by our Berridge filmmakers. 


Film Program

Learning Outcomes


  • Empower you to find your unique voice as an artist.

  • Build your confidence, technique, knowledge, and skills.

  • Connect you with industry professionals and other like-minded artists


  • Facilitate work to completion that is suitable for college or professional application

  • Provide a unique experience as a talking point for college admission


  • Increase time management, self-reflection and self-evaluation skills

  • Cultivate collaborative spirit and community mindedness

  • Provide a rich cultural and historical study abroad experience.