"What an amazing place to have all to yourself to make a film. A dream location. Beautiful beyond words."

The Berridge Film Program guides young filmmakers in making professional-quality short films from concept to premiere in just four short weeks. The course starts with a three-day intensive in the art of visual storytelling. Structure, theme, character, tension and conflict are explored and how to translate these elements through the lens. Scripts, storyboards and shot lists are produced in preparation for shooting.


Through hands-on instruction, students learn how camera movement, visual arrangement, and editing patterns not only depict the action but also express the underlying drama. Each student will have a chance to learn the principal crew roles including Director, Camera Operator, Boom Operator, Sound Mixer and Gaffer.  Students edit their films in Apple Final Cut Pro, and the course culminates in a Film Premier for an invited audience.


The program  includes excursions to all of the local sites including the D-Day Landing Beaches, Mont St Michel and the medieval town of Bayeux, home of the famous Bayeux tapestry which depicts the Norman Conquest.  You'll have opportunities to visit authentic French markets, spend days out at glorious beaches and eat loads of fantastic French food! Read about the excursions in detail here.


Surround yourself in the historical riches and beauty of France while develop your individual strengths as a filmmaker in a nurturing, process-oriented environment. 

Please note that the Film School is seperate from the Acting Program however film students participate in all program trips and activities and also take electives with the Acting Program students. 

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