Be part of something special this summer.

For over 12 years, Berridge Programs has brought communities of artists together.  Keep reading to discover all of the ways in which Berridge Connect is more than just online classes, it's a community.

The Berridge Difference

We don't just teach at Berridge, we empower our students with confidence in their unique gifts. Be seen and heard in real time, be mentored by industry professionals and move forward in your college and career goals this summer.

Live and in-person.

Berridge Connect is a live and experience that happens collaboratively in real time. We mentor each student in small group sessions or one-to-one coaching so you get both personal attention and a sense of community with your fellow artists. 

Come ready to share.

We'll create dynamic content and premiere it for the group at a series of showcases.  There will be film premieres to attend and Saturday is an Open Performance evening where you can share anything you like. 

The challenge.

This program brings the exciting challenge of making things together when we are not physically together. Our online world will give us an amazing playground to experiment, push boundaries and make something entirely new.


Check out all the ways that we will connect and collaborate this summer.


Live classes will be interactive and collaborative with time to ask questions, get feedback, and bring ideas to the table for projects and performances. There are three types of live classes: Core Classes (8 sessions), Electives (8 sessions) and Introduction Courses (3 sessions). Each class is 60 minutes in length. Your time commitment is about 2 hours per day Mon - Fri up to as much time as you would like.


Workshops will be energetic, dynamic and on your feet. They are offered in an optional drop-in format with a list posted each week so you can attend as many as you'd like with the Community Pass. All of our workshops will be recorded for offline access anytime at your own pace.


Get personal private coaching on audition monologues or voice lessons. Your Community Pass includes three 45-minute private lessons and you can pay for more if you like.


Not all of your work will be online! A take away task allows you to work on in your own time and then meet up later with your teacher or class to discuss. This could be given in a pre-recorded or written format for example a writing prompt in your Writer/Performer class or a film that you watch for later critic in the Film Program. Each class will have a few of these to bring some different texture to the class.


There will be an open "share space" where recorded content generated by you is available for anyone to enjoy anytime including monologues, scenes, songs and writing. See work in progress, get ideas and get inspired.You can make your work available for feedback or just for the enjoyment of others.


A fun space that has a theme where students can get together in live or offline format to share their love of something for example “Sondhiem Fans”, “Must Watch Films” or "Rising Juniors Group"


Request a Zoom space anytime where you can meet for rehearsal, read-throughs or just get creative. You can invite teachers or colleagues along for feedback or just to have an audience.


Each class will work together to offer a dynamic showcase premiere of work that combines live and recorded material. Bring your ideas to be creative within your personal spaces both indoors and out. Every Saturday will be an Open Performance Night where students can share work in progress, poetry or songs. We can't wait to see what you'll come up with!


All of our workshops, events and guest speakers will be recorded so you can access them anytime in the offline library. There will be a variety of recorded and written content that you can access anytime for example a short video on Self-Taping Auditions, a written outline of Original Practice Shakespeare or a list of the 50 must-read plays.


There are a range of amazing guest speakers joining us live throughout the program including professional actors, writers and producers from Los Angeles, New York and London who will speak about life as a working professional and answer your questions.


Each day kicks off with a whole group meet-up led by the faculty who will get creative in warming us up for the day and bringing us together. We will use the breakout room feature in Zoom to work in small groups so you can get to meet people who are not in your major.


There will be plenty of opportunites to have fun including Murder Mystery Dinner, Karaoke Night, Sound of Music Sing Along or Quiz Nights and some more serious-minded actitives too including Film Nights and Poetry Slams.


Crafted performances are recorded video footage edited together to make creative pieces that will be premiered to the whole group. Musical Theatre and Devised Ensmeble will work heavily in this format to create sychronous performance. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination and we have an in-house editor who can bring sound, graphics and other visual effects to your projects.



Berridge Programs was founded in 2008 by Artistic Director Andrea Mardon. Our mission is  to nurture the talents of each artist in an atmosphere of possibility, joy and acceptance. 

What are you passionate about?

Musical Theatre

Combine dance, voice and performance classes to learn core skills and hone technique.


All of the tools you need to be a powerful actor are within you. Discover your unique gifts and empower your acting this summer. 


Great filmmakers are great storytellers. Learn the art of visual storytelling this summer.

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