Covid-19 Updates

Updated April 22nd, 2021

We are committed to the health and wellbeing of our program participants, our staff and the communities in which our programs take place. We are closely following the recommended safety guidelines of a number of respected health partners including the CDC, the American Camping Association and all government guidelines in the countries where our programs operate.


Westmont College has robust Covid-19 Protocols which have been operating successfully with students on campus this past academic year and are working closely with us to ensure a safe program. Westmont College has invested heavily in the campus residence halls, dining commons and academic buildings to create safe living, dining and meeting environments.  Plexiglass dividers in bathrooms, one-way path and spacing through the dining lines, hand sanitizer stations and isolation rooms have been implemented and utilized to comply with county, state, and CDC guidelines and regulations.  All of our faculty and staff will be fully vaccinated and we encourage our participants to be vaccinated where possible.


Protocols for 2021 at this time include:

  • Submit proof of vaccination OR a negative Covid test dated 5 days before arrival on the program

  • Wearing face masks when in close proximity to others, and/or when moving around on campus

  • Forming a Berridge "bubble" on campus with no late arrivals or visitors

  • Exclusive use of facilities and no proximity or contact with other groups on campus

  • Robust health monitoring and regular disinfecting of common spaces

  • Social distancing and outdoor teaching where possible, particularly in the first 7 days of the program. 


You can read the current Westmont College Protocols HERE to get a sense of how we will operate safely this summer. 

What are the accommodation arrangements this summer?

Students will be housed in double rooms separated by floor and gender with a bathroom facilities between 3 rooms. There is an option for a single room at a charge but bathroom facilities remain shared. We have exclusive use of our building and common room space in Armington E student halls and will not be mixing with any other groups on campus apart from dining hall hours which are staggered and traffic flow is tightly controlled. 

Will there be any off campus activities?

We are planning some off campus outdoor activities such as beach days and group hikes but there will be no indoor off campus activities such as museum visits.

Could Spotlight or Generate be cancelled?

The programs will go ahead. At this time, everything is moving in a positive direction in Santa Barbara and we do not anticipate any problems.

What happens if they are cancelled or I change my mind?

If our programs are cancelled you will receive a 100% refund. You may withdraw from our USA Summer High School Programs for any reason up to 14 days before the program start date and received a full refund including your deposit. 

GAP YEAR Program in France.

We are eagerly anticipating the lifting of international travel restrictions in summer 2021 as we move closer to a widely available vaccine and anticipate that our Creative Semester Gap Year will go ahead in Jan 2022. We will set our protocols according to what our host countries require when they once again allow US travel for tourism purposes. We anticipate that proof of a negative Covid-19 test and/or proof of Covid-19 vaccination will be required to enter European countries once travel resumes. We encourage you to go ahead and apply for our Gap Year programs as they are likely to fill quickly once travel resumes. 

Summer Theatre and Film School in France

Our flagship Summer Theatre and Film School at Chateau le Mont Epinguet will re-start in 2022.  We anticipate the program will be very full so enroll now to secure your space.