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The supportive atmosphere of Berridge gives our students the skills and confidence to pursue their dreams through college and beyond. At Berridge, we nurture what colleges are looking for in arts applicants: passion for your craft, a collaborative spirit and confidence in your unique artistic voice. Our alumni are currently attending some of the top colleges in the world including Yale, Brown, Vassar, Carnegie Mellon, RADA, Penn State and NYU. 

Student performing a monologue on stage

"Berridge was more than a summer program, it was the start of my artistic life. I just got into the college of my dreams and I owe it all to the confidence and skills I learned at Berridge."



Our alumni tell us that Berridge was instrumental in helping them decide what kind of college experience they would like to have.  Some are confident they want to pursue the arts in college and want to test what it would be like to be immersed in the life of an artist "24/7".  Others want to explore creative outlets to see how those could fit in with other pursuits.  Many students come to us just to do something completely different, understanding that the willingness to explore, travel and pursue unique experiences will help them stand out on their college applications. 


At Berridge, we believe that each student has a unique artistic voice to be discovered and nurtured. We build our programs around the individual student and our faculty are dedicated to helping you understand your gifts and how to put them at the center of your work. This deep understanding of yourself and the contribution you want to make to the arts helps you stand out on your college applications and provides a solid foundation for building a successful career as an artist. 

Acting summer_edited_edited.jpg
Acting teacher working with students on their scene


There is plenty of opportunity on our programs to work on helpful and relevant items for college auditions and portfolios. This may include choosing and rehearsing monologues or songs for auditions, building a film or art portfolio or polishing your personal essay.  

We write many reference letters each year for college applications.  Alumni are welcome to request a reference letter from the Artistic Director upon completion of the program or anytime during their college application process.  Read a sample Berridge reference letter.

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