Preparing you for college.

There are many ways your Berridge experience can help you pursue your college and professional goals including:



Many of our alumni credit our programs with helping them in the college discernment process.  Some are confident they want to pursue theatre and film in college and want to experience what it would be like to be immersed in a “24/7” conservatory program.  Others want to explore their unique strengths and passions to see how those could fit in with their college goals.  Many students come to us just to do something completely different, understanding that the uniqueness of this experience will help them stand out on their college applications.



There is plenty of opportunity on our programs to work on helpful and relevant items for college applications with any of our faculty who represent a wide range of college experiences themselves including Yale, Webster Conservatory, Cambridge and more. This may include choosing and rehearsing monologues or songs for auditions, polishing your resume, guiding you in personal essay writing, or preparing a show reel that includes taped audition material. On-Camera class work and performances during the program including Final Showcase can be filmed to use as supporting material for your college application. 


We write many reference letters each year for college applications.  Alumni are welcome to request a reference letter from the Artistic Director upon completion of the program or anytime during their college application process.  We are also happy to provide character references for employment, internships or volunteer work.

CLICK HERE to read a sample Berridge reference letter.



Many of our students are successful in pursuing credit for our programs with their high school.  We can supply full course descriptions including contact hours and texts used as well as a full written evaluation of your work if you wish to pursue credit with your school. 

CLICK HERE to read a sample Berridge evaluation.

CLICK HERE to read a course breakdown for credit.


Our faculty represent a wide range of professional acting experience in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and London as well as writing, producing, filmmaking and directing.  We can offer guidance and advice about starting your professional career in theatre, film and television including finding agents, getting headshots and polishing your resume.


“You are Enough” is a familiar saying around our programs.  We believe that the arts is a platform to build confidence and nurture a strong sense of self. Many of our students find the supportive atmosphere of Berridge instrumental in giving them the courage and confidence to pursue their passions in the arts or in any other area of life.  We currently have alumni in some of the top theatre programs in the world as well as many who do completely different subjects such as Engineering, Agriculture, Architecture, Law School, Game Design, Japanese, Drama Therapy and more.

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"Berridge was more than a summer program, it was the start of my artistic life. I just got into the college of my dreams and I owe it all to the confidence and skills I learned at Berridge."