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PROGRAM DATES: July 6th - 24th, 2020

Application is open to students age 14-19. Spaces are limited and early application is encouraged.

Tuition fee:



Core Classes for your major

1 Elective Class

2 Intro Class Courses

One-to-one Sessions

Unlimited College Prep Options

Unlimited Access to Workshops

Unlimited Access to events, activities and offline resources 


Financial Need Scholarships of up to 50% of the tuition costs are available. Please see online application for more details.

Have questions?

Scroll our FAQ's to get answers to some of your questions or get in touch:

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Andrea Mardon, Artistic Director

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Who is this program for?

The program is open to students in grades 9-12 including graduated seniors.

What level of experience do I need?

Our students come from all levels of experience from complete beginner to professional. The program meets each student wherever they are at in their training and we welcome students with any level of experience.

What is my time commitment?

The program is designed to make your online time commitment about 2 - 2.5 hours per day. After that you can do as much as you would like with optional workshops, events and activties. You should expect an offline time commitment to memorize/rehearse and work on projects.

Can I miss some classes?

The program is designed to be flexible so yes, you can miss some classes and not fall behind. We do encourage you to come to every class to get the most out of the program. It is recommended that you not miss more than 4 core classes total and 2 elective classes total.

What technology do I need?

The program is delivered on Zoom and you will need a laptop and ability to get online to attend the program. It is recommended that you have a dedicated private space to work that offers you some freedom of movement. We recommend that you invest in a USB microphone (about $20) and wireless earbuds so that you can move around and be heard while online.

Will I be evaluated?

A full written evaluation of your progress and participation including your class contact hours, work completed and texts used is available on request at the end of the program.

Can I talk to someone who has done your program/classes?

Yes! We have a long list of alumni who would be thrilled to speak with you about our programs. We have been offering online classes since March of this year and many of our alumni have participated and can speak to the quality of our teaching online. Please email Andrea Mardon, Artistic Director at for a list of references.

Get in touch

Andrea Mardon
Program Director
Phone: 1-760-688-8447
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