The Acting Program

Develop your unique voice. 

Gain skill and confidence in doing what you love. The Acting Program offers well-rounded training that develops a broad set of actor tools. 

How it works

All Acting Majors take four core classes: Acting Technique, Shakespeare, On Camera and Movement. 


You can then choose your electives and intro courses.


Each class meets for 60 minutes on rotation throughout the week on Zoom.


Your time commitment is about 2 hours per day for your core classes up to as many hours as you would like with electives, workshops and events.



Gain truth in your acting and perfect the skill of being “in the moment”. Exercises explore new techniques in freeing your voice, imagination and physicality. Scene study looks at script analysis techniques and empowers actors to make bold choices that fight for their character.


Working from the premise that Shakespeare’s actors never read the whole play or rehearsed, this class trains you to use only the text to inform your acting. Referred to as “original practice”, this technique helps you unlock the language in ways that are less intimidating and as you engage with the text and create bold, truthful performances.


Explore cold readings from contemporary monologues and industry sides to gain confidence with the subtlety and specificity required to act on-camera. A special emphasis is placed on the technique of using the actor’s imagination as a means to build character and make choices quickly, particularly as it applies to the audition setting.


Develop physical presence, and better understand the relationship of your body to the performance space. Characterization, physical narratives and abstract expression are explored as actors begin to find ease in working physically and open the range of their own bodily expression.


July 6th - 24th, 2020

Monday-Friday classes with optional activities on weekends.

Program cost: $1495

You get:

4 Core Classes (8 sessions each)

1 Elective Class (8 sessions each)

2 Introduction Classes (3 sessions each)

2 private coaching or singing lessons

Unlimited Workshops (One-hour sessions)

Unlimited Access to events

Unlimited Access to offline EXTRAS

Electives and

Intro Courses



Discover your unique voice and get writing! This course helps you get your ideas onto paper, organize and edit them to start creating your unique one-person show that can be performed anywhere. Get suggestions on how to stage and produce your show as well as one-to-one workshopping and feedback sessions. There will be an opportunity to perform your piece at the end of the program.


This course explores the tenets of directing, beginning with script analysis and basic staging techniques. Emphasis is on understanding the role of the director, approaching a text, methods of communication with actors, and understanding the elements of a scene.


Using improvisation techniques as a means to build story and character, students will come together to devise a movement-based piece in their own spaces which will be filmed and edited together into a dynamic performance.


Master complex vocals and choreography to a range of musical theatre numbers. Small and large group numbers will be performed and you will video your work along the way for feedback. A final piece will be performed for the group.


Get your screenplay off the ground as you begin to transform your story idea into a structured narrative. Learn how to properly structure and format a screenplay, outline shots and translate your visual storytelling onto the page. There will be opportunities to workshop your screenplay with professional actors as well as feedback and ideas for continued development of your screenplay.



Move beyond auto and begin to master your digital camera’s features. Shutter speed, aperture and ISO all demystified and made to work for you. Explore techniques such as finding flattering light, shoot in shade, harsh sunlight and challenging low light. Discover inspiring ideas for compelling compositions and start taking more professional photographs.


An incredible opportunity to learn the techniques and training of theatre legend Jacques Lecoq with Cecily Nash who is currently training at École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Cecily will teach live from Paris, giving you a taste of Lecoq’s work. The workshop will explore the possibilities of the body and the potential for movement as a vehicle for storytelling and expression.


Learn the basics of the Viewpoints Technique as developed by Anne Bogart. Viewpoints provides a vocabulary for thinking about and acting upon movement and gesture. The Nine Viewpoints (Spatial Relationship, Kinaesthetic Response, Shape, Gesture, Repetition, Architecture, Tempo, Duration, and Topography) are used to encourage creative exploration and make dynamic work on stage.


Learn what makes a compelling podcast, the basics of production, technical requirements and marketing. Get your podcast started, recorded and get feedback from the group.


Want to start reading great plays but don’t know where to start? This course will get you excited about reading plays and covers essential contemporary American and British playwrights, including: Arthur Miller, Paula Vogel, Nick Payne, Sarah Ruhl and more. The class includes discussion around good dramatic structure, what makes a play a classic, and different styles of plays including contemporary, avant-garde and experimental theatre. A reading list will be provided for ongoing, take home study.


The course looks at Musical Theatre choreography from a variety of shows and helps you understand style and genre. There will be opportunites to develop your own work which will be filmed for feedback and a showcase will be developed for the whole group.


Get a crash course in I-Phone filmmaking as you learn how to tell a compelling story through film from start to finish. Structure, theme, character and conflict are explored and how to translate these elements through your lens.


Learn traditional Buddhist meditation techniques through a series of sitting and walking practices, cultivating the sensory experience and learning to live more fully in the moment. Some of the tangible benefits of meditation include: increased concentration, better coping abilities and personal acceptance, a reduction in persistent negative thinking, and an increase in overall feelings of calm and happiness.

College Forums

 Forums with graduates from theatre programs at top colleges including NYU Tisch, Webster, Vassar and Yale.

Ask questions and hear about their experiences first hand.

Audition Material

Attend workshops to help you prepare audition monologues and songs for college theatre program auditions. Master the video pre-screen and get a jump on your applications.


Whether you've decided on your list of colleges or haven't even started thinking about college, we can help you put your best self forward in auditions, interviews and essays. 



 Essay writing clinics helps you craft a college admissions essay that stands out and gets you noticed.  

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