Chateau le Mont Epinguet

Normandy, France



Discover your unique artistic voice. 

Gain skill and confidence in doing what you love. The Acting Program offers well-rounded training that develops a broad set of actor tools and helps you discover your unique gifts. Surround yourself in the historical riches and beauty of France while developing your individual strengths in a nurturing, process-oriented environment.  

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Based on a college theatre conservatory, the Acting Program  gives you a taste of rigorous, professional training.  There are five “core classes” : On Camera, Shakespeare, Acting Techniques, Contemporary Performance and Movement. You then choose electives from Musical Theatre, Directing, Improvisation and Writer/Performer.  There are three class periods per day, each 90 minutes in length, and classes are taught on rotation throughout the week. Each class culminates in a showcase and there is a Final Performance for an invited audience. Click here to read full class descriptions.



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Teaching Shakespeare

We don't just teach at Berridge, we empower our students with confidence in their unique gifts.  Our faculty are all professional actors, directors, producers, writers, filmmakers, and choreographers who represent decades of experience in television, film and stage. Passion for creating is at the heart of everything we do. This commitment to helping you succeed in your artistic life creates a supportive community like no other. Berridge faculty live in community with our students and are available for one-to-one coaching and mentoring to support your learning and artistic goals. Check out these videos of our teachers talking about their classes to get a sense of how we teach.



classical acting training

At 8AM we serve up a hot breakfast including fresh pastries from our local bakery. We meet in the Barn Theatre at 9AM for a warm up and classes start at 9.30. There are two class periods in the morning so you might start with On Camera and then go to Shakespeare. Lunch is at 12.30 and includes a variety of soups, sandwiches and salads. Third period starts at 1.30 with a half hour break at 3.00.  At 3.30, there are Elective classes including Musical Theatre, Directing and Improvisation. Dinner is at 5.45 and offers a sit-down, three-course meal. After dinner there might be an activity such as yoga, a movie night or campfire, you might have rehearsals or arrange coaching or have some free time to  take a walk or  hang out on the lawn with new friends.

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College And Beyond

Our faculty and alumni represent a wide range of professional and educational experiences in Los Angeles, New York, London and everywhere in between. We can help you in your college discernment process and offer advice about starting your professional career including finding agents, getting headshots and polishing your resume. Many of our students find the supportive atmosphere of Berridge instrumental in giving them the courage and confidence to pursue their passions in the arts.  We currently have alumni in some of the theatre and film programs in the world as well as many who do completely different subjects. Take a look at how Berridge can help you with your college and professional goals.

Learning Outcomes


  • Empower you to find your unique voice as an artist.

  • Build your confidence, technique, knowledge, and skills.

  • Connect you with industry professionals and other like-minded artists


  • Facilitate work to completion that is suitable for college or professional application

  • Provide a unique experience as a talking point for college admission


  • Increase time management, self-reflection and self-evaluation skills

  • Cultivate collaborative spirit and community mindedness

  • Provide a rich cultural and historical study abroad experience.